French beret "pompom" Laulhère


Made of 100% French merinos wool, the 'Béret Pompom' is a classic from Laulhère's 'Héritage' line.

Soft, warm and water-resistant, the "pompom" is made in one size which adapts to any head size thanks to the unique method by which the wool is woven.

This beret is comfortable and easy to wear.

Unique color, grey and black pompom

How to recognise an authentic 'Authentique':

  • Its 'cabillou', the famous little tail on top which is such a distinctive feature of a beret
  • The acetate lining with the 'Héritage' label showing the traditional coat of arms
  • The silver-finished metal rivet stamped 'Laulhère' marks your beret as an authentique 'Authentique'!

One size fits all.

Diameter of top: 28cm (11'')

Beret made in France, bien sûr!

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