Béret "Paris" by Laulhère


The eccentric "Paris" beret is like the largest "Subra" model of Maison laulhère berets.

Originally designed to equip alpine hunters in mountain areas.

The "Paris" beret is dressed in a silver metallic fresco entirely embroidered by hand.

Thanks to its large diameter, it will protect against the cold and the bad weather by foldind it to one sideon the face.

Mixture of ancestral know-how and modernity, the "Paris" beret is not only a collector's item but it's waterprof, insulating, does not retain odors and resist UV rays

The leather headband, enhanced with an Electric blue border, matches its "buffet" bow.

The night blue satin fabric that lines the interior is adorned with a superb embroidered woven badge that incorporates the historic codes of the old traditional badges and proudly displays the colours of the house of Laulhère , Sulphur Yellow, Candy Pink and Electric Blue.

Color Black, size M but better for size L

Beret made in France.

Crown diameter: 33 cm.
Authenticated by the Laulhère silver finish metal rivet.

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