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Les Chapeaux d'Angèle | Bayeux, Normandy | Designer Hats

Founded in 2014 by the French designer Angélique Latscha, the Chapeaux d'Angèle hat shop is located in Normandy, in the historic centre of Bayeux, home to the Bayeux Tapestry and gorgeous architecture miraculously spared from the ravages of war, even though so close to the beaches where Allied Forces landed to free Europe on June 6th, 1944, D-Day.

In addition to selling her own line of hand-made rain hats under the brand 'Lilik et Framboise', Angélique offers a selection of men's and women's hats from the finest French and international millners: Céline Robert, Ariane Lespire, Crambes, Grevi, Göttmann, City Sport, Stetson, Maison Brokante, Bedacht, Bailey of Hollywood, Il Cappellaio Matto, Marone...

And what would France be without berets? We offer a wide selection of traditional berets and more fanciful models of the highest quality and finest materials from the premier beret brand, Laulhère.

Our selection of accessories including scarves, shawls and gloves will give your look the perfect finishing touch.