How to measure the right hat size:

First, get out your trusty sewing measuring tape, or if you don't have one, use a longish piece of string or cord.

Wrap the tape or string around your head at about a third of an inch (1cm) above the top of your ears and your eyebrows, as horizontally as possible and without pulling too tight.

The length measured is your hat-relevant head size in either inches or cm (depending on the measurement tool used!).

Tip: If your measurements end up somewhere inbetween two sizes, always go for the larger size.

More advice: If you wish to give a hat as a gift and don't know the recipient's head size, you can always try a kind of 'parlor game' to see who has the biggest head - use a string to compare and discretely keep the marked string to examine later for an exact measurement!

Standard hat sizes:

53cm | 20¾" | US 6 ⅝ (XS) XS
54cm | 21"| US 6¾ (S) S
55cm | 21½"| US 6⅞ (S)
56cm | 22" | US 7 (M) M
56cm | 22" | US 7 (M)
58cm | 22¾" |US 7¼ (L) L
59cm | 23" |US 7⅜ (L)
60cm | 23½" | US 7½ (XL) XL
61cm | 24" | US 7⅝ (XL)
62cm | 24⅜" | US 7¾ (XXL) XXL
63cm | 24⅞" | US 7⅞ (XXL)